Telephone No. 01981 590 454
Telephone No. 01981 590 454

Sweeping frequency

Recommended sweeping intervals are;
For smokeless fuel, annual sweeping
For coal, twice a year.
For wood, every three months according to use.
The same frequency applies whether you have an open fire or stove.
The cost of chimney sweeping is currently £50 per flue. We will provide a sweeping certificate and perform a basic draught test. It is essential to have your chimney swept before stove installation to ensure the flue is clean and clear of obstruction.

Nest Removal and Birdguards

The most common culprit for a blocked chimney flue is the jackdaw. These resouceful creatures can fill an entire flue with nesting material at surprising speed.
Always perform a basic draught test with lighted newspaper in the grate or appliance if you have not used your fire for more than a couple of consecutive days in the Spring.
Nest removal is priced at £50 per hour, the procedure is unlikely to take more than two hours, one hour being the average.
We fit birdguards certified to BS 5871 priced at £50 plus a fitting charge of £65.

Pots and Cowls

We can also fit a wide range of pots and cowls, including anti downdraught cowls. Please contact us for further information.

Smoke Tests

A full smoke test ascertains the health of your chimney flue or liner. It requires two members of staff and access to each room through which the flue passes, including your loft space. Contact us for details.

CCTV Chimney Inspection

We also carry out CCTV inspections, this takes between one and two hours and can also be recorded.